Norwegian Kammerlader

18 Bore Kammerlader Bullets – Published 15 October 2008


Many Norwegian black powder shooters have an old kammerlader lying around. If it is in good condition you can shoot it, but it may prove difficult to obtain proper bullets. This article gives some insight in the different bullets used in the Norwegian military kammerlader rifle... Read the article

The Model 1860 Kammerlader Rifle – Published 18 September 2008


The 18 bore kammerlader rifles were continuously improved from the time the first model was adopted in 1842. In 1860 a new model was adopted. This model had several radical changes: The most important being the reduction of the calibre from 18 bore to 4'''. This article gives you a brief overview of the Model 1860 kammerlader rifle... Read the article

The Norwegian Kammerlader – Published 24 November 2007


In the mid 1850s the Norwegian Army and Navy was armed with a very modern rifle that few contemporary armies could match. In Norway this weapon was called the "kammerlader" og "chamber-loader". In this article you can read more about the history of the kammerlader and its practical use... Read the article