Making paper cartridges – Published on 11. February 2015

Making paper cartridges

During the heyday of the percussion revolver soldiers almost exclusively loaded their revolvers with paper cartridges. This article gives you a short historical background of the use of paper cartridges, shows you how to make your own and finally how to shoot them... Read article

Portrait of an original Remington percussion revolver

June, 1863: As the American Civil War raged on, a newly made percussion revolver passed the gates of the E. Remington & Sons factory in the small city of Ilion, New York. Exactly 150 years after the old veteran became mine. Now it was time to bring it back to life... Read article

Ardesa Flintlock Pistol Kit – Published on 24. September 2008

Ardesa Flintlock Pistol Kit

Cheap Spanish and Italian replica flintlock firearms have a rather poor reputation among serious black powder shooters. The frizzens are not properly hardened which results in little or no sparks, which again leads to misfires. This article shows my experiences with an Ardesa flinlock pistol kit... Read article

Shooting the Percussion Revolver – Published on 14. September 2008

Shooting the Percussion Revolver

The percussion revolver, also called cap and ball revolver, is perhaps the most common black powder weapon in use by modern black powder shooters. It was invented in the 1830s and was extensively used during the American Civil War (1861-1865). This article focuses on the history of the percussion revolver and shows you how to load and shoot it... Read article

R&D Conversion Cylinders – Published on 13. September 2008

R&D Conversion Cylinders

Percussion revolvers, also known as cap and ball revolvers, were made by the thousands before and during the war, but the principle of muzzleloading started to become obsolete when the new metallic cartridges became common after the war. This article shows you how to convert a percussion revolver to fire metallic cartridges... Read article

Multiple Discharges in Percussion Revolvers – Published on 24. November 2007

Multiple Discharges in Percussion Revolvers

It has long been an established fact that so called multiple discharges or chainfires in percussion revolvers originates from the chamber mouth of the cylinder. But, is this a myth, or are there other explanations? This article seeks to prove that multiple discharges may just as well be caused by loose fitting caps... Read article