Rolling Block carbine Tojhuus cobenhavn 1874 (Collecting)

by Paul Tummers @, Berg en Terblijt, The Netherlands, Sunday, August 18, 2013, 13:59 (2552 days ago) @ John Eiden

Thank you for your reply!
Rim is OK, case lenght also is OK, found this out by inserting a case with a slightly belled mouth,just enough to be touching the chamber walls, when too long it should have stopped at the end of the chamber.
I will have to slug the bore, but think it will be a narrow one because a .458 cast bullet looks like to be a perfect fit.
I want the adjustable sights for shooting it at the range, for hunting this is an emergency gun for short distances to protect myself and the dogs in case of a sudden attack from a wounded hog, have seen this happen once, result was a killed dog and a man who was not a man anymore even after intensive surgery!

If it is good, do not rest and think, the

target has been achieved, but think about how improvements can be made.
The best improvement is usually the one which simplifies the process


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