From Musket to Metallic Cartridge (Literature)

by Øyvind F. ⌂ @, Bergen, Monday, December 02, 2013, 13:51 (2310 days ago) @ Øyvind F.

[image]And now it's published! :-D

Please note that the hardcover edition will not be published in the US and Canada until 1 March 2014, but you can of course get it from a European bookstore.

You can get it from me or a number of bookstores all over the world, such as Amazon or the publisher. Amazon also let you read the first chapter for free. Simply click the Amazon link below and select "Look inside".

Here are some links:

From Musket to Metallic Cartridge is also available as an ebook, both in Kindle and epub format.

Some quick facts about the book:

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