S&W Model 3 Russian third model hammer (Handguns)

by Gwyn Jones @, Tuesday, December 17, 2013, 14:13 (2428 days ago) @ Robin Banks

Acording to David Chicoine in his book S&W Sixguns of the Old West very few parts from the Italian replicas,ASM/Cimmaron and Uberti and even the S&W made Schofield, will interchange with the originals other than a few springs and smaller parts. They have been re-engineered by these companies and are of different dimentions and screw threads. If it is a question of broken hammer notches etc. a good gunsmith could reweld and recut them on your hammer.

You could try to obtain a hammer from Jack First in the USA www.jackfirstgun.com/ or ask your question on the S&W website http://smith-wessonfourum.com Go to the S&W Antique forum. Many US companies will not even export antique parts but I have used the services of registered gunsmiths Peter Dyson over here in the UK to obtain original parts for Winchesters.

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