Swedish muzzleloading rifle query (Muzzleloading)

by David Carlson @, San Antonio, TX USA, Wednesday, February 26, 2014, 16:54 (2361 days ago) @ Øyvind F.

Thanks for the history, Øyvind.

I know that in U.S. martial practice, the 1795 and 1816 copies of the French infantry muskets--which we here in the U.S. typically erroneously refer to as "Charlevilles" no matter the details--soldiered on for quite some time too.

The great-great-great grandfather was lucky that he served in peacetime.
As for the greatx5 grandfather who was a corporal, he left the Västerbotten regiment in 1810. I suppose he might have been in some of the fighting against the Russians during the so-called Finland War, particularly when the Russians marched over the frozen Gulf of Bothnia to Umeå, but he would have been a relatively old man for the time: in his 50s. Cheers.

By the way, the book is very excellent. Quite an admirable job! I think it has a wide appeal to different readerships, and hopefully will help promote both novice shooters and experts to try different black powder shooting sports. I'm already looking for equipment to load for my .43 Spanish/11.15x58R Remington rolling block!

I'll write a review compared to some of the other common U.S. publications like the Sam Fadlala book and so on.;-)

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