My New Kammerlader.....Many Questions! (Kammerlader)

by jæger justnæs @, Kristiansand, Wednesday, April 16, 2014, 09:46 (2313 days ago) @ PommyB

First, congratulations! Nice kammerlader :-)
I will try to answer some of your questions. Please excuse my terrible technical language.

This is clearly a Model 1849/59 produced at Herzberg. The R on the lockplate is only found on Herzbergs kammerladers. In front of the chamber: R over C.H. (Crause Herzberg). You will find "R2" and year of production stamped under the barrel, close to the breech. 2000 M1849s were made by Herzberg in 1852 and 1853. Kongsberg, Liege and Herzberg used separate serial numbers. Trace of the inlay on the block after the M1849 sight is visible. It is said that they always are numbered to the right of the inlay but exceptions may occur. Mind you, this number was probably stamped at the conversion to the M1855 rear sight as this area was covered by the old sight. That's my explanation, anyways.
Sunde calls the model "18 lødig avkortet Kammerladningsgevær M/1849/59 - Hertzberg" Or something like 18 gauge shortened Chamberloading rifle M/1849/59 - Herzberg in English.

There is what appears to be regimental markings on the top of the buttplate which are: S M C A 43.

Used in the west of Norway: Stavangerske nationale Musketer-Corps, A = Lysterske Compagnie

On the top of the action, between the block & rear sight, there is what appears to be an italic E, which is also repeated on the right hand side of the action just to the rear of the lever, is this a manufacturer's mark? On the rear action flat there is also an oval cartouche with what looks like a JJ inside, is this an inspector's mark?

The E is to my knowledge stamped by Magnus Engelschiøn upon conversion to the M1855 rear sight.
The inspector's mark might be Jens Landmark, the picture is a bit blurry.

One issue I am having though is that the lever doesn't want to travel all the way down when the action is closed. I think it is binding on the upper of the three pins.

The kammerladers that has seen little use are so tight fitting that mild force is required to close the lever properly. It is likely that a tight fit combined with rancid grease and/or surface rust is the issue here. Also, make sure that the barrel part is cleaned to accept the length of the entering chamber part -.if I make myself understood. Dismantling of the chamber and cleaning/oiling the milled part for the pivot and the pivot itself is recommendable. Uncrew the nut and with the chamber 45 degrees up/forward and the lever 45 degrees up/backwards, the lever should be easy to remove. Give and take some degrees and toggle parts gently, it should require little force.

To disassemble the action, unscrew and remove the block and then the bottom plate is to be slided in the backward direction. It is slotted into the breech. The side plates are brazed to the barrel.

Nipples are removable, replacement are not readily available. Get one made, drawing available on the Norwegian board. Should fit, it is used by many shooters over here.

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