My New Kammerlader.....Many Questions! (Kammerlader)

by Martyn, Saturday, April 19, 2014, 14:45 (2309 days ago) @ jke

Yes, I fully intend to shoot it, just need to get her cleaned up a bit & get a bullet mold. I have read some of your Kammerlader posts over the last week or so with interest. What bullet are you using in your rifle & what type of results are you getting. Accurate Molds in Utah has a few Kammerlader bullet designs in their catalog, have you seen them? Did you replace the original nipple in your rifle, if so did you make the new one or were you able to get some ready made?
I would like to get a klikklær for mine & also one of the star-shaped combination tools I've seen pictures of, do you know if they are available or do people make them themselves?

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