My New Kammerlader.....Many Questions! (Kammerlader)

by Øyvind F. ⌂ @, Bergen, Saturday, April 19, 2014, 17:42 (2309 days ago) @ Martyn

jæger justnæs pretty much sums it up. I've got one thing to add regarding the marking on top of the butt plate (S.M.C.A. 43). This means that your rifle is rifle number 43 of Stavangerske Nationale Musketer-Corps, Compagnie A (National Musketeer Corps of Stavanger, Company A) which was a part of the Christiansandske Infanteribrigade (Kristiansand Infantry Brigade). Stavangerske Nationale Musketer-Corps had four companies:

(source: http://www.kvf.no/vaapen.php?type=Merking&weaponid=MRK0010)

35 VRM made up a bunch of kammerlader combination tools. I think he might have a few left. Krutthorn makes excellent slings and klikklær for the kammerlader.

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