Rolling Block carbine Tojhuus cobenhavn 1874 (Collecting)

by Frank Ambruso @, Wednesday, August 27, 2014, 16:00 (2179 days ago) @ Frank Ambruso

What do the cases look like?, buldged on one side?

I run a .458 expander rod down inside the case to expand the base .015" or to fit your chamber, then trim to proper length for original cartridge and load .462" diameter bullets (no heavier then 460 grains due to slow twist) in custom made sizer.

I would have to disagree that the chamber has been altered to take 45-70 length cases, I believe the only changes to convert/modify to use 45-70 is recutting the rim dimension a little bit.

I believe the Danes used a long throat/tapered neck originally for the paper patched bullets.

I have been shooting full length 45-70 cases with no problems and there are no discernible cuts in my chamber, I believe they used .460"-.462" diameter bullets and corresponding chamber expansion/dimensions.

Mine will shoot just under 1.75 moa with 400-460 grain .462" diameter bullets and 22.5 grains of IMR SR4759 or 23.5 grains of AA5744, spg lube, no crimp.

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