Swedish M1851 Kammerlader? (Kammerlader)

by krinko, Saturday, March 21, 2015, 04:54 (1974 days ago)

These are first photos, taken in haste with a cell phone; better detail photos coming soon. If I am not too lazy.


I had to search a long time to find even a photo of the kammerlader with this ring hammer and internal spring---found it on this site, a post from about 2008. Am I correct in calling this a Swedish M1851?


Date on the stock and bottom of barrel is 1854; internal parts are nearly perfect after 161 years.


Barrel is 26 3/4 inches long and seems to be about 54 caliber.

I have the rifle apart now and am seriously wondering if the crack---visible in the side photo---will interfere with my plans to fire this rifle. The crack is repeated on the left side and would seem to be a result of the wood shrinking around the receiver. The hammer will not cock when the rifle is in the stock, I think because the wood has shrunk and will not allow the large mainspring to rise far enough.
If I have to make a new stock for firing purposes, I will.

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