Swedish M1851 Kammerlader? (Kammerlader)

by Eldar Gulli @, Saturday, March 28, 2015, 11:26 (1965 days ago) @ Øyvind F.

Welcome to the world of old guns .

I shoot my Swedish chamberloader despite all its cracks and imperfections with no ill effects .

In addition to the old cracks coming with the gun at the time of purchase
I had to do some repair on the stock after having lost the rifle on the ground
with rather devastating outcome .

The reason why it doesn't stay cocked with lock mounted in woodwork may have its explanation in the fact that the screw holding the lock in place is too long ,
and may benefit from loosing a bit of its length .
You may experience difficulties in getting parts to fit properly in woodwork
because of shrinkage or/and - as was the case with my example - you may have to
grind of small amounts of material from the metalparts as well as modifying the woodwork to improve the general fit of the components - both steel and wood .

All the above mentioned theories are difficult to ascertain without having seen the rifle in reality .

The caliber of the gun is about .60" or 15 mm .

Bulletmould is available from "Accurate moulds" in the US .
It is to be found in this firms catalogue under the name of "59-470S"

Don't know if this was of any help at all , but I wish you the best of luck with your Swedish chamberloader .

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