Remington Rolling Block carbine in 577/450. (General)

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Welcome to the forum, Clive!
Have you measured or made a chamber cast? A good deal of odd caliber rifles are to be found in Scandinavia. Huqvarna and others chambered for various cartridges upon request. Quite often .450 Express, .500 Express, .500/.450 No. 1 and 2, etc. People ordere rifles chambered for popular ant easy oblainable cartridges. It may seem that xpress cartridges etc. was very popular for a longer period. I think the base of the MH .577/.450 is a bit wider than the block. Husqvarna made a series of MH action ifles in this calibre.
Please upload a picture of your rifle :-)

You might find these sites of interest:
An overview of the different models, rifles a bit down. Catalogue/most common calibres listed.
Trond's site, here presenting rifles by gunmaker Hans Larsen of Drammen, Norway. Sadly, little information about calibres.
There is quite a bit on the Norwegian forum part as well.
I hope this was helpful.
Bonne chance!

Best regards, Tor

Best når det smeller!

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