Kammerlader M.1846/55 (General)

by Maurice Taylor @, Tapawwera NZ, Saturday, November 28, 2015, 19:47 (1719 days ago) @ Staffy

Dear Staffy I too have a G Decortis stamped , K L . It isn't as well marked and lacks the rear sight but though pitted its useable . I had to make a new stock having only the lock work and the barrel , Mine differs it has four screws holding down the rear plate . The underside is the square copper lined hole for the original sight there seems to be a great variety of them . I used the heavier bullet per Schons booklet I will make a cutter to enlarge a suitable mould . some shew a stem on the base and mention a disk / washer like? to fit the stem ,disk might mean a wad make more sense . I have a Swedish Navy one shorter heavy but larger than the size Shcoon mentions its about 600 cal . Again there seems many varients . All good fun though and interesting . Never knew facebook was so usefull . Best wishes, Regards Maurice

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