Kammerlader M.1846/55 (General)

by Staffy, Sunday, November 29, 2015, 04:29 (1719 days ago) @ Maurice Taylor

Greetings from across the Tasman and trust you are watching the Test in our back yard.
My interest is in black powder breech loading rifles, particularly the muzzle loading examples.
However, my knowledge of Kammerladers is limited, so I trust other members of the forum can help you. A photo would assist in nailing down your piece, although there is good info on the internet if you want to delve deeper.
Members, such as Gier and PommyB (who has posted a video), have discussed various loadings for the rifle, which I'm sure will be helpful. My days on the range have long since gone, due to arthritis. Kind regards, Staffy.
p.s. I'm in need of a replacement stock for a Calisher & Terry carbine (1864) #7256 N.Z.916. How good is your whittling?;-) Cheers.

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