Swedish muzzleloading rifle query (Muzzleloading)

by DaveC @, San Antonio, Wednesday, January 27, 2016, 14:33 (1660 days ago) @ David Carlson

In addition to patched round ball, I've started skirmishing with a .58 cal. M1841 "Yaeger/Mississippi" rifle, shooting .43 Spanish rolling block (myopia, heavy trigger, stock military Argentine sights, novice cartridge reloader, etc. still got a 142 out of possible 250 at 200 meters for a 3rd. place at that range) and now, a .45-70 Sharps with a 28-in. barrel. The Sharps is an IAB EMF gardone, Italy copy, which meets with all sorts of disapproval here in the United States. But the rifle has C. Sharps Montana vernier sights, and I've had the privilege to see this homely and unloved replica shoot...;).

Looks like in addition to the Västerbottens regemente, I had a pair of ancestors in the Närpes kompani of the Österbottens regemente too. Apparently, from what I can gather, this was the only "Finnish" regiment that wore the standard Swedish uniform. I suppose that this was so since many enlistees would have been monolingual Swedish speakers. No idea on the muskets yet...

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