Gevär m/1815-38 (Muzzleloading)

by Fabian23 ⌂, Switzerland, Friday, March 04, 2016, 08:35 (1593 days ago)

After much searching I finally found a very good m/1815-38 flint musket! It is an interesting mix of features. The lock features a pan and frizzen pan cover that are shaped to minimise water seepage yet it also has an archaic dog-catch which I know the Swedes were very attached to. The breech tang screw is screwed in from the bottom up, which is also a feature I associate with matchlocks. They have also not bothered with fiddly sling swivel fittings. The rear sling bar is fitted directly through the trigger guard and the front one is fitted on the screw holding the middle band in place.

From what I understand, the '38 designation is due to the fact that the rear sight is dovetailed into the breech plug. Very handy if I ever want to compete with it since I could remove it. The minor problem is that you have to unscrew the breech plug to slide the rear sight out! A dent in the side of the sight shows that someone tried to tap it out sideways during its lifetime.

The inside of the lock and underside of the barrel have the date 1835. Does that correspond to the manufacture date? If so, would it have received a new '38 breech plug later or would the original one have been refinished?

Pics will come later since it is in bits for cosmetic cleaning and I need to clear some crud blocking the bore level with the touch hole

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