Gevär m/1815-38 (Muzzleloading)

by jæger justnæs @, Kristiansand, Thursday, March 10, 2016, 09:32 (1587 days ago) @ Fabian23

Sorry, I think I've made an error in identifying. I was mixing the model with the M1815-26 infantry jäger musket. (Length: 129,6 cm Barrel: 89,2 cm). Do you have any pictures yet?
The M1815-38 is described by Josef Alm as (rougly translated):
Gevär m/1815-1838. "1815 years third model". Total length 147,5 cm, weight 4,81 kg, caliber 18,55 mm. As earlier model but with a different(removable) rear sight. ..... Often misnamed as m/1815-1830.

As far as I know, all stocks of the period was brown stained. Likely they was oiled and/or varnished. Maybe our Swedish friends know more?

Regards, Tor

Best når det smeller!

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