Jarmann 3 band single shot rifle (Black Powder Cartridge)

by Staffy, Tuesday, May 03, 2016, 02:52 (1561 days ago) @ Staffy

Hi all,
This rifle still poses a mystery, but it can be said with confidence it is a Gevar f/m 1878-79 model.The lack of usual marks is the puzzle.
Mr K E Hanevik, who was approached by Mr Gjermud Fjeld, suggests it is a Trials Model but notes the lack of the C under the Crown on the barrel. However, he is positive the K on the barrel is not Kongsberg and suggests it is an unknown mark, the barrel having been changed at some point.
Mr A Erstorp has compared photographs of the subject rifle with those held in the Swedish Army Museum and advises it is comparable with the prototype Model 1878-79, inventory number 30088, except for the marking.
Seems that is as far as we can get, unless someone within the forum has more information on the remaining 200 rifles not taken in by the Joint Rifle Commission, which presumably ended up on the civilian market. How were they marked?
Failing that avenue of enquiry, the remaining conclusion is that at some time the rifle was re-barrelled and the original markings removed.
In any event, I think it quite proper to state the rifle is an example of the Model 1878-79 Jarmann, whatever its parentage and what may have been done to it in the meanwhile.
I'm sorry at present there is no definitive conclusion to the enquiry.
My thanks to all who have contributed to the discussion. Staffy.
p.s.One of my friends has a M1860 Kammerlader, but it has the Lund conversion. If there is an interest in this, serial number etc., I can post some photos, when he returns from holiday.

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