Kongsberg Jaeger rifle (General)

by Dusty Texian, Friday, June 10, 2016, 17:03 (1485 days ago)

[image]Hello All. I have just had the good fortune of finding and purchasing a what I thik is an 1821/41/51 Kongsberg Jaeger rifle . The rifle has just arrived and I have done no more than give it a good look over. The first thing noticable is the as attic found condition, Not dirty but not cleaned. The brass is tarnished the barrel and other steel parts are mostly gray , with the lock being a brighter pollish . The wood is rather nice and appears to be birch and has an aged dark color. The sliding wood patch box cover is matching and is numbered as the other parts to this rifle . I did measure the bore at the muzzle after a solvent cleaning of the grease coating and found a very bright shiney bore and 5 five rifle groove bore . @ .720" . I was ver impressed with the bore condition. The pillar can be seen and appears to be in great shiney and pointed condition , the rear of the chamber is shiney and clean . The only parts missing that I can see are the front sight. The front brass muzzle endcap. And the chamber scraper and cleaning worm are missing from the wooden box in the stock. The rifle does have the graduated rear sight , the dog catch on the lock , and the sling attachments forend and trigger gaurd . I will try and post a photo of the rifle when I get some new photograph's taket . For now I will try and post the photograph from the advertisement that promted me to purchase this fine old Kongsberg Jaeger Rifle . Thank You for your interest , I would like to hear from anyone that cares to contribute . Ron Wehmeyer

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