Kongsberg Jaeger rifle (General)

by Dusty Texian, Monday, June 13, 2016, 10:19 (1492 days ago) @ jæger justnæs

You are right , the side-plate is (S) shape . I noticed this , that it was not like the others I have seen in photograph's . The (S) style side plate does not cover the I think trigger pin. I will continue to study this rifle , as I find it most interesting.There are some numbers that are stamped near the trigger guard into the wood , I will post a picture when the sun is up . I hope you look at these numbers and tell me if they mean anything to you. This rifle has a fit and feel /balance that fits me well. I am seriously thinking of building a duplicate made from new materials of course. I would not change a thing caliber included. I think this type rifle would serve me well. As I primarily hunt big game here.Thank You for sharing your knowledge with me . RW [image]

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