Kongsberg Jaeger rifle (General)

by jæger justnæs @, Kristiansand, Monday, June 13, 2016, 21:25 (1491 days ago) @ Dusty Texian

Really nice pieces, you guys!
On the latest picture of yours Dusty Texian it is obvious that it has the correct lock for a 1791/1803. It was the dog catch which concealed the cannelures that pulled my leg. Let me take a moment to study the pics and see if I can work something out :-)

Edit: The remains from the M1801 bayonet fits like a glove, since the M1791 was converted and called M1801 and the M1803 came with the M1801 bayonet as well. I'm a bit uncertain what differs the two models, some minor details for sure. Maybe the ramrod pipes are more "flared" on the M1803?
If you won't mind - here's a picture of my M1803 replica:
Looks quite awesome with the bayonet attached but was (and is) pretty awkward to shoot with.
Tried a few shots with in mounted on saturday. Great fun but i didn't shoot as straight as without ;-)

Best når det smeller!

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