1803-41/51 (General)

by Daryl Sapergia @, British Columbia, Canada, Wednesday, December 07, 2016, 03:28 (1315 days ago) @ Dusty Texian

DT- what is the groove and bore diameter of your rifle, please?

In the larger bore sizes, we've had very good luck/accuracy with paper ctgs. patched tight to the bore using round balls, with the base or tied tail of the paper getting shoved and seated down hard on the powder, the snug paper patched ball above

We are getting accuracy rivaling tight cloth patched round balls.

Do these rifles have the Tige' or Delvinge chambers meant for slugging up the ball to the groove diameter with 3 blows of the rifle's loading rod.

The US Military purchased many of those types of rifles, back in the 1850's, I've read. The Tige' had a post that projected up into the bore for slugging up the ball with repeat blows of the rod. The Delvinge had a shouldered powder chamber against which the ball was hammered against.
Neither of these would allow for a paper ctg. I would imagine.

Curiosity call.

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