1882 Black Powder hunt at Weltevreden farm 2017 (Hunting)

by Gert Odendaal @, South Africa, Wednesday, June 14, 2017, 16:33 (1116 days ago) @ Gert Odendaal

We did some camp cooking on the camp fire as well:
It sis important to have good tasting food in a hunting camp. We used the venison of the game we shot as well to make great tasting dishes:[image][image][image][image]

I baked a Milk Tart as well..it is a delicious dish to bake over the hot burning coals of a camp fire [image][image][image]

We did hunt as well, all game that is shot , is carried to the camp:

The next few photos will be about the processing of the game we shot....:-D

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