1882 Black Powder hunt at Weltevreden farm 2017 (Hunting)

by Gert Odendaal @, South Africa, Sunday, June 18, 2017, 14:00 (1112 days ago) @ jæger justnæs

Tor, thank you kindly for the positive remark, it really is much appreciated. Yes, we try our utmost best to improve our camping set up by only bringing along original or copies of the original camping utensils, rifles any other type of item used in the 1882 era. As indicated we try to be as proficient in processing meat, making 1882 era camp food in a traditional manner as well. Every member participant is a knowledgeable/expert on history, bush craft, craftsmen and just a enthusiast in using old original/copies of the old black powder muzzle loader rifles . I am already commenced planning the 2018 Black Powder hunt at Weltevreden farm. There is a possibility of bringing along two horses and two oxen , the oxen will pull a cart to fetch wood and the game shot .

Kind Regards

Gert Odendaal

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