1882 Black Powder hunt at Weltevreden farm 2017 (Hunting)

by Gert Odendaal @, South Africa, Sunday, June 18, 2017, 15:58 (1115 days ago) @ Gert Odendaal

Members, are there any of you that has hunted in South Africa previously and is still going to hunt in South Africa in the near future? I really would like to hear from you in this regards.

The reason being that I am on the lookout to purchase a Krag Jorgenson 6.5x55 ( 1895 patent) or a copy of it The Long Krag 6.5x55 for Dr. Willie Barnard who is a collector of Anglo Boer War rifles , the Krag Jorgenson 6.5x55 was used in the Anglo-Boer War as well.

Naturally all required documentation /permanent export permits will be adhere to. I know there need to be applied for a permit to sell/permanent export such a rifle if it was manufactured before 1900, from the Museum of Defence , the area Police and Customs as well.

It will also be possible for the hunter to hunt Kudu, Impala and warthog on the farm. It will not be possible to take any part of the game shot back to Norway..only if the hunter do his own export of the cape/skin/horns on his own costs...:clap: :clap:

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