M1845/54 infantryrifle (Muzzleloading)

by DCarlson @, San Antonio, Texas, Friday, February 02, 2018, 14:15 (920 days ago) @ DaJoPa

Sometimes a gunsmith might be able to identify the thread?

I'm not sure about the Low Countries at all, but in the United States there are modern replica cones or nipples made both for originals and reproductions. Most reproductions for reproductions are unsuitable, of course.

As you know, a lot of foreign made weapons made it overseas to the U.S. Civil War, albeit no m/1845/54 to speak of. Otherwise there'd be S&S and other U.S. firms that sell stainless or even berylium cones/nipples.

There has to be some kind of Ordnance publication the Swedish or Norwegian armies did that has the data you seek, which in turn might be available through inter-library loan or in the collections of the big military museums/research sites there in the Netherlands?

Hopefully someone who knows already will respond soon. Good luck!

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