Kammerlader 4 Linje Loading (Kammerlader)

by Tsaranon, Saturday, March 31, 2018, 01:12 (827 days ago)

I ran across a website that has a Kammerlader for sale that's described as being a M1860 4 Linje/11.77mm. I've looked into this and learned what that entails, and from what I can tell, it's impossible to find information and products related to loading a 4 linje rather than the original 18 lødig.

I even went ahead and contacted the store who owns the gun. I was told to contact Brian McEldowney. Doing so got me a confused voicemail where he told me that I should disregard the 11.77mm because it's some "metric stuff". He told me that people usually load .50 in it, recommending .50 minie ball. The problem is that from what I can gather, a 4 Linje is a .46 chamber (or is it a .46 bore?). It seems like it would break something to try and slip a .50 ball into it.

So I turn to the masses, in the hopes that someone might be able to give me a second opinion. What does one load into the 4 linje? Are there any bullet molds out there for it? How much powder goes with it?

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