Swedish m/1845-ish musket? (Muzzleloading)

by Fabian23 ⌂, Switzerland, Monday, October 01, 2018, 11:57 (681 days ago) @ jæger justnæs

Thanks! It does indeed seem to fit. I also notice the sling swivel is mounted like on the 1815 straight through the stock and middle band.

Since the stock, barrel and fittings are so good, I’d really like to restore the lock. I guess I’ll need to start looking for old sporterised or chopped up muskets.

If I trim back the front of the stock about 5mm, the muzzle band should fit perfectly. The trigger guard shows no sign of ever having grooves, the surface and patina is completely smooth.

My question about the 1815 musket is whether the book has any information on the self-priming design. I know how it works but I’d really like a diagram or schematic of the shape of the breech and flash hole. I’ll be doing a short tutorial on how to make Swedish style musket cartridges and I would like to talk about the feature.

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