Hans Larsen??? (General)

by lixonn @, Thursday, May 02, 2019, 02:31 (432 days ago) @ Trond

Mr self appointed Larsen expert truly disappoints. Just because youve never seen a gun like that doesnt mean that its not a legitimate Larsen. Unfinished gun? Really? How about a remote possibility that the gun is completely worn out? Judging by the faint stampings I can tell with a 100% guarantee this gun was finished and worn and possibly even cleaned up. Ridiculous rear sight? Unusual, true. Did you know this sight is adjustible? And it also happens last week I picked up an identical rifle at a Chicago gun show, mine was finished, or should I say refinished because the stamps on it were rather faint, especially on the left side of the receiver where Jan Mayen is stamped.

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