Swedish M1851 Kammerlader with missing parts. (General)

by ironoxide, Thursday, September 19, 2019, 10:15 (326 days ago) @ ironoxide

My Kammerlader finally arrived and as promised I'm posting some photos.

Unfortunately it seems that at some point in its life it fell a victim to someone's "sporterising" attempts. It is a great shame, but at least now it is in hands of someone who will not allow it to deteriorate any further.

As I mentioned previously I'm planning to restore the forestock, the barrel bands and springs. Also I'll be making a new nipple and restoring the hammer face as there is some damage on it. It'll be a slow process. I'm planning to do it carefully, but after receiving the rifle I started having some doubts whether more work should be done to it. It is a historic artefact after all and any modifications diminish its genuiness. The key question here is: will this repair restore the rifle to past condition or after it is done will I see it as further departure from the original. I guess it all will depend on the quality. I bought the rifle for my collection and I have no plans to sell it, but I would be interested in knowing what others think about it.



Also, I would very grateful for any photos of original barrel bands removed from the rifle. Even those from the Norwegian Kammerladers. Perhaps the bands on both versions are the same? Having frontal photos would allow me to compare them.

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