Mauser M 1871 -84 (General)

by GJ, Tuesday, December 04, 2007, 13:42 (4503 days ago) @ Mauser

Hi Mauser,

I have two 71/84 Mausers but have only shot them with the RCBS bullet.
However I have a faint recolection of an article in the British Magazine "Classic Arms & Militaria" about 10 years ago where there was a very good article on
this subject by Guy and Leonard A.-R. West attempting to duplicate the original loading with paper patched bullets. All these old magazines are in the attic
and I will search for the relevant issue when I go to bring the Christmas tree down!

The A.-R. Wests are experts on getting these old guns to shoot.

There have been articles on the Snider, Martini-Henry, French Trabatier, Italian Veterelli and even the German Needle Gun and the Chassepot. I hope that I have spelled all these names correctly!

Gwyn Jones

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