Mauser M 1871 -84 (General)

by tommy303 @, Arizona, Friday, December 07, 2007, 04:21 (4500 days ago) @ Mauser

We seem to be at the opposite ends of the weather spectrum. Here high temperatures and low humidity makes for some very hard powder fouling. The beeswax disk does seem to help under our conditions, but I can see in lower
temperatures how it could contribute to fouling as you have experienced. lubricant in the grooves to keep the fouling soft. When using bullets having
cannalures, I use only a card or cork disk over the powder and fill the cannalures with a softer beeswax/tallow or beeswax vegitable oil mixture.

I have not tried too many of the commercial products, like bore butter, though I should perhaps give some of them a try. For some reason or another I seem to
have gotten into making my own lubes--possibly force of habit since when I started black powder shooting fifty years ago, one could not buy such items and
had to experiment around and make one's own.

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