Swedish Rolling Block and the 12.17x44R (Black Powder Cartridge)

by Shaughn, Sunday, December 16, 2007, 02:10 (4498 days ago)


Nice site, found it doing research on a prospective purchase.

I have a chance to get M1867/74 Rolling Block in 12.17x44r, in shootable condition and am in the process of doing a bit of research and since I don't have access to the rifle as yet, I cannot slug the bore for diameter, but I do know that the rifle has a 1 in 38 twist (talked current owner thru the process over the phone)

Anyway research so far has lead to some confusion...I have seen the barrel listed as .48 caliber and .502 diameter bullet used and have read a few articles where the writer is using unsized .512-.515 50 caliber bullets or sized down to .501...you can see why I am a bit confused.

I have also seen reference to Jämtkugle bullet and saw some basic dimension and would like to know more about it, is it hollow base, overall length, band width, grease groove spacing, weight.. anything that could allow me to have a custom mold made.

Thank you for any help you can provide.

Once again a very nice site

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