Swedish Rolling Block and the 12.17x44R (Black Powder Cartridge)

by Mauser, Monday, December 17, 2007, 14:23 (4487 days ago) @ Shaughn

In the list there are barrel mesurements from 7 different rifle

groove cal. bore ca. rifle higt.
Amerikkalainen 12.95 mm 12.10 mm 0.45mm
Karabiini 12.9 mm 12.15 mm 0.37mm
Ruotsalainen 12.7 mm 11.6 mm 0.55mm
Ruotsalainen 12.8 mm 11.65 mm 0.62mm
Ruotsalainen 12.6 mm 11.7 mm 0.45mm
Ruotsalainen 12.65 mm 11.6 mm 0.52mm
Ruotsalainen 12.9 mm 11.75 mm 0.57mm

2 first one is made by remington rest are swdish made. so as you see you have to know you rifle before you can say what is the best bullet diameter.

I know some shooters use bullet diameter 13.0 mm but it is difficult to get them in the shell.

If you make brass from 348 win shells yuo need neck trimmer to make wall thickness small enough for the bullets to go to the shell.

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