Composition of heads for 12.7mmX44 (Black Powder Cartridge)

by Rotta, Tjukkeste bondeøstland, Monday, January 28, 2008, 14:29 (4448 days ago) @ terryh

Hi Terry,

Congratulations on your choise of shooter - you now have exactly the same gear as I started with!:-D

You'll be fine with your pure lead bullets as long as you are able to fill the mould properly. If you have problems with bullet quality, 2-3% tin in your pot will help a lot. The riflings of the 12mm's is pretty coarse and demand a soft bullet, so the general rule is "as soft as possible to cast". I add 3% tin and don't notice any degrading in precision, but then again - I'm not an ace shooter either.

If it is an untested gun I recommend firing a testshot with a max load +++ at safe distance from the gun before you start experimenting with gun in hand at a target. Better safe than sorry...

It should be sensible to start off with a load of around 50 grains of 2F and increase it from there. Optimal load is said to be around 57grn of 2F, but none of these rifles behave the same. Some like it rather hot!;-)

Remember to fill the void between powder and bullet with some medium according to the articles found on these pages. I don't think you can get too much powder into the case as long as the gun is in order, people are known to get good results with one casefull of 3F and a Lee .515/450 bullet. Thats a load of 60grn+++. Some people also speak warmly about Large pistol primers instead of the Large Magnun Rifle primers often recommended - as mentioned these rifles have their own minds...

Please share your results!:ok:


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