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by tommy303 @, Arizona, Tuesday, August 07, 2007, 23:24 (4621 days ago) @ tommy303

By way of introduction, my name is Thomas, and I have been a black powder
shooter for about 44 years. I shoot flintlock, percussion, and breech
loading black powder cartridge. I have had a fair amount of experience
with black powder muzzle loading artillery as well.

You are most welcome for the drawings.

I am intrigued by your Lee Pritchett mould. I originally had an LEM mould from Dixie Gun Works but later had a machinist make one to cast the 530gr and a sizing die to size it to .568 for shooting in a P-1853 Enfield. I have tried a variety of bullet styles and the Pritchett (with a clay expansion plug) and the Lyman old style minie (as designed by Burton in the 1850s) seem to work the best. How does the slightly lighter weight of your Lee Pritchett do?


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