Pritchett Moulds (Muzzleloading)

by jmaurer, Saturday, April 19, 2008, 05:06 (4364 days ago) @ Øyvind F.


I am also interested in obtaining a Pritchett mold that duplicates the original as-issued bullet as closely as possible. I would specifically like to have one that produces a 0.55-inch diameter bullet.

I noticed your drawing of the original bullet in this diameter; do you have the dimensions of the ogive of the bullet, as well as the total depth and angle of the sides of the hollow base? I have an older Rapine Pritchett mold that casts a bullet with a very shallow, pointed cone for the hollow, and have thought to have a new base insert machined to duplicate the proper base configuration. I may then be able to resize the bullet to 0.55 inches, but it would be better to have everything right from the start with a new mold.

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