Winchester '73 accuracy (Black Powder Cartridge)

by Klaus, Germany/ Odenthahl / 20 km from Cologne, Friday, September 19, 2008, 12:58 (4210 days ago) @ Kenny

Does any one know what the accuracy of the

Winchester 1873 model replicas

are like? What kind of groups can I expect at 50 and 100 yards/meters?

I'm thinking of buying such a

weapon made by Uberti in caliber 44-40 or 45

Long Colt. Is the longer barrel lengths better than the shorter?

Hello Kenny

i am using a 44

-40 Win Hege Uberty `73 Rifle since 12 Years and there are no Problems at all

I use Winchester Brass and a selfcast Leadbullet ( Mould from RCBS) 200

grs Flatnose. It seems to be the reproduction of the original one

Load with Nitropowder:
My charge is 8.8 grs Hodgdon HS 6

Freehand on

50 m i can hold the " 10 " on the DSB Target,allwhat is out of 10 it`s my mistake

Load with Black :

Due to the little space in the Brass

opposide to the original 44 WCF Brass
i load Swiss 1 or 2 with 26 up to 35(pressed)
Absolutely necessary is a good Lube wich is able to contains water

and keep the fouling soft!!
with this combination the result will be the same like with Nitro but with a plenty more of fun

kind regards

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