Inherited Chassepot (Black Powder Cartridge)

by 444-45, OHIO, U.S.A., Wednesday, August 29, 2007, 15:41 (4606 days ago)

Hello All!

New member here, my Father asked me recently gave me his "Wall Hanger" from above the basement stone fireplace. For years I thought this rifle was a Dyese needle gun due to the needle on the bolt.

Today I learned something, it is the Chassepot needle gun. I will have to ask my father where he got this as it has been in our family for my lifetime however never shot.

It is complete with bayo & scappard, the only thing is missing is one screw on the trigger guard and also the rear sling swivel & screw.

Anyone here know where we may obtain these?

I have been into Muzzeloading (modern day - if I am allowed to say that here) for the past 15 years in hunting white tail deer in my home state.

Where does one go for the "Rubber Seal" and I suppose the "Paper Cartridges" would be hand made?

I think this would be a great rifle to shoot someday!

Thanks for any feedback.

I will have to get some pic's up as time allows.


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