Swedish Remington Calibres (Black Powder Cartridge)

by terryh @, Derbyshire, U.K., Friday, August 31, 2007, 19:38 (4595 days ago)

Hello Guys,

I'm new to this board and also to rolling block rifles.

I've just bought a rolling block rifle at auction. The auction calalogue listed it as a 12.7x45R Swedish sporting rifle. Now I've been trying to find out a bit about the rifle and can't find anything referring to 12.7x45R. Does it exist or might it be an error in the catalogue? This site refers to 12.17X44R, Buffalo Arms refers to 12.7x44R and the book "Cartridges of the World" refers to 12.11x44R. I'm confused. Can anyone help straighten me out on this?

The postings and articles on this site are really interesting and I would like to shoot the rifle, but want to make sure that I can load for it before going to the trouble of getting the necessary variation on my firearm certificate.


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