M74/41/51 (Collecting)

by Fabian23 ⌂, Switzerland, Thursday, March 18, 2010, 08:04 (3764 days ago) @ jke

Much as I would love to stack up more rifles John, unless this 74/41/51 prooves to be a wallhanger I'll have to pass.

I'll be temporarily halting collecting due to the imminent arrival of baby mkII and the need for a bigger car. The gun fund is thus now becoming the kids fund.
With over 40 original rifles and pistols from matchlock to centerfire to keep me busy, I'll now concentrate on the resoration, researching and shooting what I have, when not changing nappies and paying the bills :-D

So no more new toys but I will be active on the loading/reloading side of our beautiful hobby! :hagle:

Give me iron, steel and wood! Tupperware guns are for losers!

My website, growing entry by entry:http://www.militarygunsofeurope.eu

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