Swedish Remington Calibres (Black Powder Cartridge)

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There is a lot of confusion regarding this calibre. Here is some background information about the cartridge:

To begin with the calibre was called 4''' (4 linjer or lines. One decimal line is an old Norwegian inch divided with ten. Duo decimal lines were divided with twelve, but that's another story.)

However, 4''' was nominal. In Norwegian lines the calibre was 3.88''' and in Sweden, which had a slightly different system, it was 4.1'''. In metric terms 3.88''' equals 12.17 mm. The rifling depth should be 13.11 mm. Soon after Norway and Sweden adopted the metric system. From 1879 the official name of the Remington rolling block rifle was 12 mm Remington, also a nominal term.

When the different cartridge designations appeared is unknown to me. Up to date I have seen the following:

44 and 42 are cartridge lengths in millimetres, and they are often followed by an R for rimfire. The reason why both 44 and 42 is used is this: In 1879 Norway adopted a new bullet, and as a result the point of impact changed. Because of the cost of altering the sights it was decided to increase the powder charge slightly to compensate for trajectory of the new heavier bullet. The increased powder charge in turn resulted in a 2 mm increase of the case length. It is a commom misconception that the new Norwegian round couldn't be fired in the Swedish rifles. Nothing was done to the chambers, and the Swedish and Norwegian rifles had similar chambers from the start.

I have never heard of a 12.7x45R. It is almost certainly a 12 mm Remington. A lot of sporting rifles were made for the 12 mm military calibre, both in Sweden and in Norway.

Do you find markings that can identify the maker? I would suggest that you slug the gun and perhaps take a chamber cast of it. However, I'm 98 % sure that you have a 12 mm Remington calibre rifle.

Some pictures of the gun would have been nice.

Good luck!


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