Paper cartridge know-how ? (Muzzleloading)

by Ritchie @, MA, Sunday, July 18, 2010, 00:30 (3544 days ago) @ Øyvind F.

I acquired what I believe to be eight British 18thc. paper cartridges. I mean REAL from the period!
The cartridges are stout and the .69 cal. balls are tied into the cartridge with a white woolen type thread and the paper around the balla are dipped in what looks like wax or tallow. I openned one of the cartridges to look at it's ball and there is a place where the ball was crimped off of it's rod when made. The powder is a large grainy dark gray or black powder. The tops of these cartridges were vertically folded and sealed with this waxy substance. The words on the catridge paper are old English script. The paper is definately rag paper.
Of course, as we know...Some American cipied the British way of making cartridges and the French as well. These cartridges came out of Maine. ANYONE feel free to e-mail me or respond. The more knowledge...the better.


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