Kammerlader ponderings (Kammerlader)

by Øyvind F. ⌂ @, Bergen, Monday, March 30, 2020, 21:39 (18352 days ago) @ Fabian23

I'm having several kammerlader moulds made. In addition to the kammerlader moulds I have also ordered moulds for the 12.17 x 44 mm Remington and 10.15 x 61 Jarmann. All the bullets can be seen in the picture above. We are a group of shooters from the Norwegian forum that have ordered quite a few moulds.

The steel NEI mould is already in production. I have sent the order to Lee, but it's not verified yet from their side. I can put you up for a Lee mould if you are interested. The diameter will be 17.4 mm (.685" ).

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