M74/41/51 (Collecting)

by DaJoPa, The Netherlands, Monday, March 19, 2012, 21:13 (2989 days ago) @ Fabian23

Hello Fabian,

Have you fired your M74/41/51 already? I would like to hear all about it. I also own a M74/41/51 in comparable condition as yours with original paint and no cracks to repair. Mine has the number 706 and the inscription OPL - R. Does anybody know what that means?
I bought mine as a Danish Model 1789 and during the search of information about the rifle I found out it was a M74/41/51 and was pleasantly surprised. Also on the search I discovered this site and owning some more Scandinavian rifles it is very helpfull to me.

Met vriendelijke groeten,


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