Olaf Strömdahl, barrelmaker? Örebro (Collecting)

by DaJoPa, The Netherlands, Saturday, May 25, 2013, 20:47 (2505 days ago)


Can anyone give me information about Olaf Strömdahl(Strömdal) 1759-1810 who was probably a barrelmaker at the Gevärsfaktori in Örebro.
I found his mark(Der Neue Stöckel, p1232, mark8301) on the barrel of my Danish/Norwegian M1774/41/51 infantry-rifle. The rifle was origanally build as a flitlock musket in about 1780 at the Kronborg Gevaersfabrik in Denmark.
Does anyone know if the Örebro Gevärsfaktori produced barrels for the Kronborg Gevaersfabrik?



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