Carl Gustav Rolling Block rifle in 8x58RD (Collecting)

by Paul Tummers @, Berg en Terblijt, The Netherlands, Tuesday, July 09, 2013, 11:33 (2590 days ago)

I can possibly obtain a Carl Gustav Rolling Block rifle in cal. 8x58RD.
There are however some questions I would like an answer for before I want to have this rifle, reason is that our law only permits to have this kind of rifle free of registration when there is proof that the rifle at the year of conversion was shot with BP cartridges.
Here some numbers;
On the system there is the year 1872.
At the right side of the barrel is the conversion date 1895.
There is nowhere a Nitro stamp on either barrel or system, also no "N"stamp on the locking block.
When did the Swedish army change officially from black powder to Nitro powder for these cartidges?
Were can I find literature to learn more about this rifle?

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