• From Musket to Metallic Cartridge

    Book: From Musket to
    Metallic Cartridge

  • Leather goods

    Slings and snap
    protection devices

    For the Norwegian kammerlader and 12 mm Remington rolling block.

  • Colt Army


    Felt and card wads, bullet lubricant, powder handling equipment, replica sights and more.

  • Plastic bottle for Jeff Tanners powder dispenser. Available in two sizes.

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  • SPG is an American black powder bullet lubricant which is considered the best there is. This 1/2 pound block is made for dip or pan lubing black powder cartridge and muzzle-loading conical bullets.  Melt the lubricant in a double boiler. One 1/2 lbs block is equivalent to 8 sticks.

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  • SPG is an American black powder bullet lubricant which is considered the best there is. The sticks can be used in RCBS and Lyman lubrisizers, but you can also apply the lube by hand or melt it in a double boiler. SPG is a hard lubricant best suited for black powder cartridge bullets or muzzle-loading conicals, but you can also use it for patches.

    89,00 kr
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  • Double cavity bullet mould for 12mm Remington (12,7× 44) that casts a 430 grain heel-base bullet. The bullet is based on an original bullet and the popular Jämttången. Produced for svartkrutt.net by Lee Precision.

    599,00 kr
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For the past 15 years svartkrutt.net has been the premier meeting place for Scandinavian black powder shooters and collectors. During this time svartkrutt.net has offered limited quantities of products and now many of these products, as well as quite a few new additions, available in this small webshop that makes it easier to order and pay.

Do you have a product you want to sell?
If so, please contact us! The product must have a connection to either black powder shooting or antique firearms, and must not be readily available off the shelf elsewhere. This is because svartkrutt.net aims to offer unique products.