• Wads
    <p>Felt and cardboard wads are used in muzzle-loaders and black powder cartridges alike. <br />svartkrutt.net's card wads are environmental friendly as they are made from milk cartons or<br />cardboard boxes. The felt wads are made from hard density 100 per cent pure wool felt.</p>
  • Bullet lubricant
    <p>A good bullet lubricant is essential to achieve good accuracy with black powder guns. As well as reducing friction <br />and wear, a good bullet lubricant should keep the fouling soft. svartkrutt.net's selection is proven and tested <br />by modern black powder shooters.</p>
  • Bullet casting
    <p>Here you'll find bullet casting equipment connected to older Norwegian military rifles.</p>
  • Shotgun
    <p>Equipment for loading black powder shotgun shells.</p>
  • Shooting supplies
    <p>A limited number of supplies for the range.</p>

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